Primarily uploading walkthroughs, tutorials, and first impression game play of strategy games I’m currently enjoying, especially Stronghold Kingdoms. My upload schedule is quite varied but you can expect around 5 edited videos each week with at least one of them a guide or tutorial. While I do upload videos that don’t fit into the above categories, my main focus and passion is for strategy games, be they real time or turn based.

I do my best to create content that is suitable for all ages and straight to the point, this is a channel for gamers from all walks of life who take their games a little more seriously and I do hope you’ll come along for the ride.

My PC:

Recording Software: Bandicam 3.1.1
Editing Software: Premiere Pro & Photoshop

Full disclaimer: I’m a volunteer moderator at Firefly Studios but am not compensated in any way for the moderating work I do for them or the videos I make about their games.